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11 'Harry Potter' Bedrooms That'll Put A Spell On You

You'll want to call it alo-home-mora.

So maybe your owl with your acceptance letter to Hogwarts hasn't come quite yet, but that doesn't mean you can't still live it up like you reside in the Unplottable Hogwarts Castle.

These 11 rooms are the ultimate in comfort for any "Harry Potter" fan, ranging from a painstaking recreation of the Gryffindor dormitories to a cozy interpretation of Harry's closet under the stairs.

Scroll on, get jealous, then get to work making your own magical abode.

  1. Complete with Dumbledore.

    No need to BYOW (Bring Your Own Wizard). (source)

  2. All aboard the Fandom Express.

    This Super 8 knows what's up. (source)

  3. Now you can sleep with your face on Ron Weasley's face.

    Can this bed fly? We'd believe it. (source)

  4. No Slytherins allowed.

    Gryffindor 4 life. (source)

  5. Take Umbridge with this room.

    So much pink for so much eeeevil. (source)

  6. Oh, look, now Harry can just fly straight at your face.

    Duck! (source)

  7. You might just try walking through these archways.

    This gorgeous recreation of Mary GrandPre's cover for "Sorcerer's Stone" might need to come with a warning label, it's so good. (source)

  8. The trick is to find the one with the broken wing.

    Brb, buying some fishing wire and antique keys. (source)

  9. A simple, yet effective touch.

    It ain't over. (source)

  10. A closet under the stairs of your very own.

    OK, so the Dursleys hated Harry, but if your parents make this for you, they super love you and support your nerdy habits. (source)

  11. Must be...Gryffindor!

    Live it up, Gryffindor Tower style. (source)