Gary John Norman / Getty Images

After A Breakup, Your Brain Basically Becomes An Episode Of '24': Watch

A comedy sketch depicts the high stakes of breaking up.

They say the first 48 hours are crucial when someone goes missing. Turns out that's also the case when someone gets dumped. In this sketch, comedian Anna Akana envisions the flurry of activity inside the cranial command center of a newly single dumpee.

There are uniformed workers in headsets barking out orders, multiple camera feeds and plenty of cinematic tension. First the brain tackles the essentials, like making sure the house is stocked with junk food and rom coms. Next up is getting back in the game -- just don't call it a rebound -- with an updated Facebook status and a Tinder download. And don't forget to slate in some cat time.

Check out the sketch below (there's some NSFW language):

As hilarious as the video is, it delivers a very important message: The stress of the single life cannot be exaggerated.