The 'Selfie Arm' Is The Saddest Way To Make Your Ex Jealous

Fool your followers while ignoring the IRL stares.

Just when you thought the selfie stick was taking things too far...

Joining the long line of products meant to trick others into thinking you have a mate -- like the Boyfriend Pillow and Invisible Girlfriend -- comes the Selfie Arm. It's a selfie stick in the shape of an arm to make people believe your significant other snapped the picture of you while reaching out for a lover's caress of the hands.


If you think that's too ridiculous to be real, well, you're (kind of) right. Designers Justin Crowe and Aric Snee made it as a commentary on the modern state of social connection and our "constant, gnawing need for narcissistic internet validation." In the words of their press release, it's a "sarcastic solution to a quintessential problem -- nobody wants to look alone while they mindlessly snap pictures of themselves."

As of now, the Selfie Arm isn't in commercial production, but these guys would be crazy to not go to market with this. Never underestimate the recently dumped and the hoops they'll go through to gain the upper hand on an ex ... even if that hand is lifeless and plastic.


We reached out to Crowe to explain a little more about the project.

MTV: Where did the arm come from? A mannequin? How long did it take?

Justin Crowe: The arm was sculpted in clay and a lightweight fiberglass shell was made from the model. It went through a few iterations and it is still a prototype, but the whole process took a few months.

MTV: Any thoughts on the Boyfriend Pillow, Invisible Girlfriend and other recent ways to fool people into thinking we’re not alone?

Crowe: I think these products, like the Selfie Arm, reveal parts of modern culture that are fascinating. Humans are the same beings we were 1,000 years ago. Now we have new tools, new environments and new means to satisfy or deprive desires. The Selfie Arm is presented as a sarcastic product, an art piece, that poses questions around these ideas.


MTV: Any chance you’ll actually mass produce and sell these things?

Crowe: We hope to bring it to market and are exploring avenues now. For updates you can join the Selfie Arm mailing list here.

Update: "We are offering a limited edition of 10 artist signed Selfie Arms at $6,200 each," Crowe wants everyone to know. Put your orders in now!