Raymond Hall/GC Images

Calvin Harris Catches Taylor Swift's Cat Communicating With Another Planet

Earth to Olivia?

Behold: an alien feline with its cattitude game strong. Olivia Benson, resident of outerspace.

While hanging out at Taylor Swift's apartment, rumored boyfriend Calvin Harris caught Olivia communicating with her home planet, her aura a shimmering white and her eyes fixated on what we can only imagine is a beacon in the sky. Or a cat treat. But we're going to go with beacon in the sky.

Meanwhile, mere earthling Meredith sulks in the background.

Harris also posted a picture of Este Haim, Halston Sage and Ellie Goulding, ladies who are part of Swift's inner circle. Of course, Taylor posted similar squad photos at the same time.

Harriswfit (is that what we decided for their couple name?) started dating at the end of February. And well, if you get along with your girlfriend's cats, you know it's true.

Anyways, I'd keep an eye on Olivia, if I were you.