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Soo, Jude Law’s 18-Year-Old Son Is Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous

And he's a model. And he's in a band. Some families just have it all.

Forget North West, Blue Ivy, Suri Cruise, or even the second royal baby — the celeb kid that everyone’s freaking out about right now is Rafferty Law.

Yep, this is British actor Jude Law’s eldest son, and he’s basically the spitting image of his dad. The genetically #blessed teen recently attended a party with his mother, Sadie Frost — who divorced Jude in 2003 after six years of marriage — and now everyone’s talking about how shockingly grown-up and handsome he is (duh!).

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Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that Rafferty’s someone we should be keeping an eye on, so here are the essential things you need to know about the heartthrob-in-training:

  1. First thing’s first: he goes by Raff.

    It appears Jude fell in line with a long list of celebs who like to give their kids wonderfully unique names (see also: Apple, Reign, Bronx…). “Rafferty” is actually kinda cute in our opinion, but the 18-year-old admitted in an interview with the London Evening Standard that he doesn’t really like it, so he keeps it short and simple. At least Raff maintains that bit of edginess (though we hope no one ever confuses him with Riff Raff because that’d just be weird.)

  2. He’s a legit model.

    Raff made his runway debut last summer at the DKNY menswear show in London. Since then, he’s built up an impressive resume of modeling gigs, appeared in fashion features in British Vogue and Teen Vogue, and was even named one of the “Best Dressed Men in Britain” by GQ. Not too shabby.

  3. Don’t expect to see him follow in his dad’s thespian footsteps.

    Although we’d love to see those piercing eyes on the big screen, Raff says he hasn’t been bitten by the acting bug. “I did feel a bit of pressure when I joined my first boarding school,” he said. “In my drama lesson, I think everyone thought: ‘Oh God, he’s going to be so brilliant.’ Then they realized that I wasn’t that good, so they just let me get on with it.”

  4. Instead, he’s focusing on music.

    Raff co-founded a band called Dirty Harrys with his friend Marley Mackey (who’s the son of Pulp’s bassist Steve Mackey) and they co-write the band’s songs and play gigs around London. Raff told Teen Vogue, “I would love to keep evolving with my band, recording more songs, and touring. I think I will always be in music!”

So there we have it: Raff Law appears to be poised for big things. Now if only we could convince him to do a fashion spread with Johnny Depp’s model daughter, Lily-Rose. Now THAT would really give us all the DNA envy.