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Kendrick Lamar Bites A Sword And Addresses 'True Rebellion'

K. Dot covers the latest issue of 'Mass Appeal.'

Kendrick Lamar is known for making music that’s as sharp as a sword, and his latest magazine cover really brings that to life.

K. Dot appears on the latest cover of Mass Appeal biting a sword in a photograph taken by Chris Buck. The issue, which hasn’t been released yet, also includes an interview with Lamar about his latest project, To Pimp A Butterfly and "Mortal Man."

The song features a much-discussed Tupac soundbite about a violent rebellion that Kendrick was asked to discuss in the interview.

"Once the true rebellion happens, there’s no going back,” Kendrick said. "It’s like war with two enemy ’hoods; it basically never ends. And I think it’s enough frustration in the world now if something crack off on a major, major, major scale, it’s gonna be destruction. I’m talkin’ ’bout through the whole world. This is the Rapture. This is God comin’ back and you’re hearin’ the horns and the skies crackin’ open.

"They puttin’ chips in people’s bodies now, you know?” he added. "So with that being said, hopefully it’s more about us as people sayin’, 'Enough is enough,' and educating the next man with some wisdom that I have or that you have, and makin’ it a collabo thing where we can all benefit from it in a positive way. Rather than takin’ it out in full rage, like we want to — like I want to, like he want to, like she want to. If we can deal with it like that, then that’ll be a plus on our end. But, if we decide we don’t, then you know what drama that brings.”

Although the interview was conducted before Monday’s protests in Baltimore, Lamar's statements come in a week where the nation is watching unrest unfold in Maryland.

On Monday, a state of emergency was declared in Baltimore and the National Guard was activated. A curfew was imposed. All of this followed the wake of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died on April 19, a week after suffering a spinal cord injury while in police custody.

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