Louis York Search For Their Very Own 'Clair Huxtable' In New Video

'Sexy and smart can co-exist,' says duo.

Louis York are looking for that once in a lifetime woman in their new music video for “Clair Huxtable.”

For this hit-making production team of Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony, the perfect woman is one that embodies the beauty, intelligence and class of the iconic matriarch (played by actress Phylicia Rashad) from the groundbreaking ‘80s television show, “The Cosby Show.”

"Clair Huxtable isn't just a TV icon, she's a lifestyle," Louis York told The FADER. "With all these one dimensional portrayals of woman we get force-fed, it was time to remind ourselves and whoever hears the song that 'hot' can mean more. This song and video are a loud Louis York memo that sexy and smart can co-exist."

In the earnest clip, the duo, who have penned hits for the likes of Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna and Bruno Mars, encounter various women during their daily errands who start out classy, but quickly morph into twerking, gyrating nymphs—a far cry from Mrs. Huxtable.

“So many girls I see are wild and loveable, but I’m looking for my queen, my Clair Huxtable/the Black American dream, it sound so wonderful, the only thing I need is my Clair Huxtable,” sings Kelly.

By the end of the visual, the Weirdo Workshop musicians are no closer to finding their ideal lady, so they croon in the studio, staring adoringly at a picture of Clair on the wall.