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Hilary Duff’s 6 Tips For Using Tinder Like A Pro

Let Hil be your Professor of Tinder Studies.

In today’s edition of “Stars: They’re Just Like Us!” it appears newly single Hilary Duff has succumbed to the weird wonders of online dating.

On Monday (April 27) the “Younger” actress revealed in an interview with radio show Valentine in the Morning that she’s decided to try her hand at Tinder. If that seems a little odd, just remember the 27-year-old is in the midst of divorcing ex Mike Comrie, she has a 3-year-old son, she’s on a hit TV show, AND she has a newly-resurrected music career. Basically, homegirl is busy AF and she doesn’t necessarily have time to frolic around Los Angeles looking for love.

But navigating the occasional creepiness of Tinder is definitely a strategic process. Luckily, Hilary already has a solid grasp on how to conquer the app like a pro. Here are 6 of her wisest tips:

  1. First things first: Approach dating apps with a positive, optimistic outlook.

    Online dating gets a bad reputation, but it sounds like Hilary knows Tinder shouldn’t be taken all that seriously. “In my life, I have always had really serious boyfriends,” she said. “I've always met people through work and I have never been on a blind date. What's the worst that could happen?”

  2. Keep your options open.

    Even though she claims she’s only been on Tinder for a few days, Hilary admits she’s chatting up “probably about nine guys right now.” ‘Atta girl, Hil — there’s no shame in keeping up multiple convos, as long as you don’t become totally consumed by them.

  3. Thou shalt not swipe right on douchey pics.

    “I don't want to see a shirtless, mirror selfie,” Hilary said. “That is instantly a left.” PREACH.

  4. For heaven’s sake, DON’T BE BORING.

    Hil says she looks for “someone who looks like they like to do fun things and someone who can make you laugh in their profile…what they say in their profile has to be funny.” To prove that point, she revealed, “My profile says: Let's eat pizza. I've had a lot of convos because of that.” Yep — would def swipe right on that.

  5. If the date sucks, be considerate (but also maybe have an escape plan).

    Hilary’s a little torn on this one. She first joked that if the date’s not going well, “hopefully the bathroom window will be big enough to crawl out.” But then she admitted, “I’m too nice…I’ll stick around.” This is something that probably just depends on circumstance. On the one hand, if the other person’s genuinely nice but you’re just not feeling any chemistry, you don’t want to bail and make them feel awful. On the other hand, if you get the impression they might enjoy skinning rabbits in their spare time, the bathroom window strategy seems perfectly legit.

  6. Make your first date fun and low-pressure.

    "We're going bowling, so it can't be too expensive. I like that,” Hil dished about her first date with the mystery dude. She also spilled she’s talking to another guy who she’s planning on going go-kart racing with. In other words, she makes the case for keeping dates active and affordable, rather than uncomfortably fancy.

  7. Bring a friend…or two.

    For all its “wildly addicting” amusement (her words, not ours), it’s also important to remember that meeting up with someone face-to-face for the first time has its potential dangers. Hil said she planned on bringing “some friends” with her to make sure everything went smoothly. “I still have my training wheels on!”

Good luck out there, Hilary! May the Tinder odds be ever in your favor.