Todrick Hall Just Dropped A Beyoncé Mashup...And It's FLAWLESS

Don't mind us -- we'll be watching this clip until the end of time.

It's no secret Todrick Hall is crazy in love with Beyoncé -- look no further than the YouTube star's Target flash mob performance of "End of Time" as definitive proof -- but now he's showing off a whole new side of his appreciation for Queen B. One word to describe the actor/singer/director/choreographer's latest effort? ***flawless.

The "Todrick" frontman -- who will show viewers the mastery behind his magical videos on a new MTV series premiering in August -- just released a jaw-dropping medley of the songstress' greatest hits. From "Naughty Girl" mixed with "Run The World (Girls)" and "Single Ladies" blended with "Video Phone," four different versions of Toddy segue seamlessly from one catchy tune to the next with effortless dance moves and perfect harmonies. Just BOW DOWN, everyone.

"This took four single-take performances of memorizing four different sets of lyrics & choreography (ironically, this was filmed in four hours), and is exactly four minutes in length because of Beyonce’s connection to the number 4," he captioned the clip. Well, consider us absolutely amazed.

Watch the unbelievable mashup below -- and be sure to stay with MTV News for more updates on "Todrick," which will make its debut on Monday, August 31 at 10/9c!