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Rapsody Tells Us What It's Like To Ghostwrite Raps For A Former NBA All-Star

What you know about that?

Rapsody won over plenty of new listeners with her appearance on "Complexion (A Zulu Love)," off of Kendrick Lamar's album To Pimp A Butterfly, when it dropped last month. But she already had the ears of a former NBA great.

Grant Hill, currently an announcer on TNT, NBATV host, and a former NBA All-Star and standout at Duke University, has been a fan of her music for a few years now.

"Grant was a fan of 9th [Wonder] before he was a fan of me," Rap explained to MTV News earlier this month, referencing the producer 9th Wonder, whose label, Jamla, she's signed to. One day, back in 2010 or 2011, he came to the studio, and the two met.

"9th played him some of my songs, and he was like, Wow. So before he left, I gave him a CD. And since then, he'll hit me up -- they'll do four-bar Friday freestyles on [NBATV] and he'll hit me up like, Can you be my ghostwriter? And I write him something. To have that relationship with someone you looked up to like that, that's amazing."

So, how do we think Grant does on the mic?

What about when he's standing next to Nicki Minaj?

Not bad. Granted, we don't know if Rapsody wrote these specific rhymes, but even if not, she clearly gave him a foundation to go off of. Still, he should probably stick to hoops. No offense, Grant.

"He's someone I can call, ask anything about business, or just talk basketball," she said. "Big hip-hop lover."

As for whether or not he takes it all seriously?

"He doesn't rhyme, but he makes beats," the North Carolina native explained. "And he got some skill. I rapped on a couple of 'em. I told him, Man, we gotta do something; we gotta do a EP."

"Grant, send me something," she laughed.

You can check out Rapsody's Beauty and the Beast deluxe edition, which she released earlier this month and includes new tracks. Check out Grant Hill's highlights, too.