Andrew Jenks Explains Why It's So Important For Young People To Vote In 2016

We have the power to change the world, which is kinda awesome.

Regardless of your political affiliation, education is important. In fact, according to filmmaker Andrew Jenks, it may be the biggest political issue for Millennials in 2016.

Speaking to MTV News at a recent press day for his harrowing new documentary "dream/killer," Jenks opened up about the upcoming election, the issues young people should champion and explained how we can galvanize Millennials to head to the polls.

"I think the biggest issue for young people and for our country would be education," he said. "Our educational system is flawed and backwards. Unless the next generation is smarter than we are, things are only going to get worse -- things like the judicial system."

So how can we inspire young people to vote this election season? "To get young people engaged in the political process and vote is a matter of trying to get more capable politicians in office," Jenks said.

"Most of them are crummy and sleazy," he added. "With that said, it's easy to say that and say those adjectives, so it's incumbent of getting young people involved."