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Give Your Life A Makeover With These Celebrity Starter Kits

Because sometimes you need a break from real life, you know?

Everyone dreams of escaping their mundane life and being someone famous at some point or another. And that's okay. It's totally normal. For instance, if only I could be Jennifer Lawrence and say whatever I wanted all day errday and be freakin' awesome all of the time. Wouldn't life be swell? Yes. Yes it would.

Well, now you (sorta) can! We've broken down the essentials of what you'd need to be your favorite celeb for a day. So now you can live like J.Law IRL -- Oscar not included.

  • Emma Stone
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    Starter pack: Red hair dye, blouses and dresses with Peter Pan collars, red lipstick, a fancy jumpsuit for special occasions, contact lenses that dilate your pupils and one giant, black floppy hat.

    Optional: Super hot boyfriend. Bonus points if he has an accent. (We refuse to believe Emma and Andrew Garfield are actually over. SOB.)

  • Emma Watson
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    Starter pack: One pocket Oxford English dictionary, a LBD that is anything but basic, a HeForShe campaign pin and a bag of Haribo Gold-Bears.

    Optional: A wand that you keep safely hidden in your purse at all times. You never know when it's going to come in handy.

  • Jennifer Lawrence
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    Starter pack: Knee pads, a coloring book for when you're so #bored, chocolate (any chocolate will do, really), cakeballs, your comfiest pair of yoga pants and your fave slouchy, knit hat.

    Optional: A Shewee.

  • Kristen Stewart
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    Starter pack: Black Converse high tops, dark eyeshadow, black eyeliner, a Chanel something or other, dark skinny jeans, a leather jacket and sunglasses.

    Optional: A trucker hat with the words "Those Mothaf**kas" written on it.

  • Zac Efron
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    Starter pack: Ray-Ban sunglasses, no shirt (no problem), maroon khakis, a football, your signature guitar and finally, a box of tissues -- just in case you ever get pulled over by the police.

    Optional: A perf fringe crop top for those warmer days.

  • Beyoncé
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    Starter pack: LOL. You can't be made into Beyoncé. No one can. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.