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Zac Efron Wears A 'Lion King' Croptop On The Set Of New Movie

Sure, I'll see that opening night.

While some of us may be trying to fit in a few more trips to the gym before we're ready to break out our croptops, there's one person who is already in the summer spirit—Zac Efron.


Zac was spotted on the set of Dirty Grandpa, his upcoming movie with Robert De Niro, in a fringed croptop, neon—and blood-splattered—sweatpants, and tasseled loafers. While we will never, ever complain about seeing Zac baring dem abs, this outfit is a far cry from the dad-inspired looks he wore on set a few months ago.

According to IMDB, the movie features Zac as "an uptight guy" who is tricked into taking his grandpa, "a perverted former Army general"—sure, OK—to Florida on Spring Break. Based on these photos, it seems as though Zac has ditched the uptight persona and fully embraced one more suited for sprannnnng break. Hakuna matata, man. Hakuna matata.

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