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7 'Pretty Little Liars' Snapchats That Prove 'A' Is Totally Obsessed With Emojis

'A' is not a fan of Aria's style.

What does A do when he's all alone? You know, when he's not stalking the Liars and making their lives a living hell on "Pretty Little Liars." He's sending Snapchats, duh! Because in case you forgot, A's social media game is on point. He's not just relying on texts and hidden molar messages anymore.

Here's a tiny glimpse into A's Snapchat history. Knowing Charles DiLaurentis, he probably sends these to his best buds in the A Team... and the Liars, obviously. And he's most likely abusing the Story feature because he's just so #obsessed with himself.

As it turns out, the only thing worse than a text from a psychopath is a Snapchat from one.