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Pusha T Is Working With The Pacino, Scorsese And Coppola Of Rap On King Push

Pusha compares Kanye, The-Dream and Diddy to the renowned movie directors.

It's been awhile since we've gotten an update on Pusha T's anticipated sophomore album King Push, but that doesn't mean the Virginia rapper hasn't been working.

In a new interview with VIBE, Pusha explained that he's been in the studio getting busy with Diddy, in addition to recording with Kanye West, The-Dream and The Neptunes -- and he's more than happy with the results so far.

“It’s a very focused session. I can say I’m working with the GOATS, and I’m learning from the GOATS. Y’all are listening to an album, and I’m going to school," he said of working with the superproducers.

"You can watch a movie all you want and you may interrupt it your way, but until you sit down with Scorsese and he break it down for you…listen man, I call [Puff] Sean Pacino. I be calling him Sean Pacino unbeknownst to him.”

So, if Diddy is Pacino, where does that leave Kanye?

“‘Ye has his own Coppola-esque craziness," Pusha added. "But I learn from them all. These are directors. The-Dream is probably one of the most talented people I’ve met. I’ve never seen anybody take control of a beat the way he does. He’s one of my favorites to literally watch in the studio.”

With such an all-star lineup, Pusha's pretty confident that King Push won't disappoint.

“I’m a give you hip-hop album of the year, again," he said.