Hey, Taylor Swift, We Asked An Expert To Solve Your Cat Problems

Prepare to sleep better.

Taylor Swift: She's the voice of the people, amirite? Or, you know, at least the cat people. And you know what POs cat people to no end -- including Tay? Meow Mixers who wake their owners up early in the a.m. with persistent cries for attention.

Swift expressed her dismay over this state of affairs by posting a video to Instagram titled "Living With Roosters: A Documentary" -- and the team over here at MTV News, driven by her misery, decided to turn to the experts to solve her plight. (Also our plight -- as a good number of us have felines that persist in waking us before it's properly light out.)

Here's what Dr. Arnold Plotnick DVM -- cat expert and author of the blog Cat Man Do -- had to say:

If The Kitties Are Hungry...

"... she can get a feeder that she can set on a timer so that it releases food before that 6 a.m. hour."

If They Need Exercise...

"... she can try playing with them a lot before bedtime, to try to exhaust them a little bit so that they sleep longer and aren't pestering her at 6:00 a.m."

If They're Needy...

"... she has to be vigilant and ignore them. It doesn't take much energy expenditure on a cat's part to meow and meow for attention. If Taylor gives in after 30 minutes or an hour and ends up rewarding them, then it's no problem for them to meow for an entire hour to get that reward again. She has to ignore them, and be consistent about it. That might mean locking them out of the bedroom, wearing ear plugs -- whatever she has to do until they get the message. In the worst case scenario, she can, as a last resort, discuss with her vet the possibility of a mild anti-anxiety medication that can be administered in the evening at bedtime, and hopefully this would stop the cats from getting anxious in the mornings and stop pestering her."