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People Are Freaking Over This Line In Mariah Carey's New Song

Crunch on that.

Thanks to Mariah Carey's new lyric video, we know exactly what she's saying in "Infinity," released Monday morning (April 27) at the strike of 12.

The lyrics deal with a bittersweet breakup and a heartbreaking admission that love probably won't last. "There's an end to infinity," Mimi sings on the overwhelming orchestral track, off her upcoming greatest hits compilation.

The song's verses have typical MC sass, but there's one line that fans are freaking over: her random reference to Fritos.

"Boy, you actin' so corny like Fritos," she sings on the first verse.

  1. We are forever grateful for this line, Mariah.
  2. Can't wait for Mariah's Frito Lay endorsement.
  3. It's real.
  4. Someone get Mariah a prize.
  5. Anyone else hungry now?
  6. Some people are calling her a 'lyrical genius.'
  7. It's happened and it's done.
  8. Oof -- not everyone is jazzed.
  9. Let's get through this together.
  10. Well now we have a good reason to use the corn emoji.
  11. Me too. I'm nearly bald over here.
  12. Really, Mariah's giving us all life lessons.
  13. Mariah actually introduced Fritos to someone!
  14. Hold it together.
  15. There are so many people who simply cannot.
  16. DONE.