Marc Grimwade / Getty Images

Ready For Another Nas Album? It's Coming Soon

You might need a summer soundtrack.

Nas gave us gold with his 2012 album Life is Good, and now we can look forward to another project coming our way in just a few months.

During a show in Orlando this weekend, the Queensbridge rapper announced that he'll be dropping his 11th solo album this summer. "Right muthaf--kin’ now, death to all snitches. Watch every n---a around you my n----s ‘cause sh-t is real out here. 2015, new album this summer," he told the crowd.

Fans at the show couldn't keep the news to themselves for too long, tweeting and sharing Instagram videos so the rest of us could get excited as well.

We know that Nas has been working on new music, but now we have a rough timeline for release. Back in October he shared a song called "The Season," but didn't confirm whether or not it will be featured on his LP.

And, as far back as September, he dropped some hints on a remix of Schoolboy Q’s “Studio," spitting, “Finished up my new album, single ’bout to be dropping/ Last album on Def Jam and I got so many options."

Below, hear Nas talk about picking up where Life is Good left off.