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Watch Sam Smith Get A Tattoo For His 'Little Sailors’

Sam gives a special tribute to his fans.

Sam Smith's fans will stay with him forever.

The singer got a tattoo of an anchor on his forearm as a tribute to his fans, who he refers to as his "little sailors."

But as they say, "no pain, no gain," and it looks like Sam's new ink may have definitely hurt a little.

As true Sam fans know, the "Stay With Me" singer only recently gave his fans the "little sailors" name, tweeting the news back in December.

The fan army name is actually a reference to his song “Little Sailor,” which he wrote when he first moved to London and was frustrated that managers were promising him "the world" but he wasn't seeing any results in his career.

"It was a song to myself to say, 'Hold out for one more year, and if you’re still being let down and you’re still being promised the world and nothing’s happening, life’s too short,' he told The Fadar in June of 2014. "Go and travel and be a 20-year-old boy.”