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Jacob Whitesides Goes After An Older Woman In 'Not My Type At All' Video

'I was always into older girls... and I still am,' the 17-year-old tells MTV News.

The song is called "Not My Type At All" but the love interest in Jacob Whitesides' new video is exactly that.

"I was really awkward, only because she’s so beautiful and I’m such an awkward person," the 17-year-old said when MTV News asked how things were on the set. "So being around beautiful people, especially like being on tour with Fifth Harmony, I’m just so bad at looking at pretty girls. So I just awkwardly avoid everyone. I just go in the corner and hide."

MTV | Colin Douglas Gray

The girl -- or should we say woman -- Jacob is chasing in the vid is played by YouTuber Evelina. And even though she's more than 7 years his senior, it doesn't sound like age was a contributing factor to his gawkiness.

"My first kiss was at a high school football game. My girlfriend was a freshman and I was in the 6th grade," he said. "I was always into older girls... and I still am."

When writing the song, Jacob said he was inspired by girls he's had crushes on in the past but wouldn't regularly give a chance.

"I would say ‘oh well she’s not the type I usually go for,' but I wind up having really heavy feelings for them because they always turn out to be the coolest girls," he explained. "So this song turned out to be one of my favorites to sing and perform live because it’s a really cool guitar lick."

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