John Giustina/Getty Images

Missing Teen Was Actually Just Hiding At School Eating Fruit For Four Days

Cops have no explanation for the voluntary disappearance.

Four days after a 17-year-old in California went missing, the teen strolled into his house like it was NBD. Turns out he was just hiding out eating fruit at his high school the whole time, San Francisco Chronicle reported Friday (April 24).

Upon his return, the teen told his parents he was hiding on Monta Vista High School's campus and surviving on water fountains and fruit from trees. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office hasn't offered up an explanation for this mystery furlough.

His family last saw him at 7 a.m. last Monday (April 20), when he was getting ready to go to school. He reportedly attended his first class that day but missed everything after that, including track practice. Search and rescue teams were soon organized. They canvassed shopping centers, parks and, yes, even the school. His parents publicly asked for his safe return.

Then on Thursday evening (April 23), as the family was sitting down to a pizza dinner, the kid walked through the front door. "Orange you glad to see me?" is what we imagine he said upon entering.

The next day, the teen's parents released a statement thanking everyone for the search effort and expressing their son's "deepest sorrow and regret."

It's a bizarre incident, but thankfully the kid's home safe and sound now. Let's just hope he doesn't get any ideas after he hears about the two sisters who were stranded in Michigan and survived on Girl Scout Cookies and cheese puffs for two weeks.