Chelsea Lauren

Madeon Locked Himself Up To Write His Most Emotional Track

He had almost given up when 'Home' popped into his head.

With reporting by Andrew Maclean

"Home" is undoubtedly one of the most unique tracks on Madeon's debut album, Adventure -- but it was also one of the most difficult to write in some ways.

"I have this habit, this kind of tradition I do once a year, which is to lock myself in my studio and spend 24 hours straight making music -- making three, brand-new original songs," Madeon told MTV News. "I felt very much like giving up. Very, very uninspired. And I decided to write a song about, basically, not doing it anymore, which ended up being a song I quite liked."

The musician recorded the track in barebones fashion -- deciding to keep it on the record as-is, rather than enlisting any outside singers or polishing it up. At shows, he said, he also performs it as such -- a moment of simplicity among all the pageantry and noise.

"It's quite nerve-wracking but also quite exciting to do," he said. "To be able to communicate emotions so directly with people is something that's been quite new, but quite interesting for me."

Check out "Home" below: