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This Musician's Cancer Treatment Bills Are Being Covered By The Fans

Surfer Blood's guitarist is crowdfunding his health.

Usually when bands launch crowdfunding campaigns, it's to raise money for a record, a new van or some kind of awesome merch. Usually, they're not raising money for a member's cancer treatment -- like Surfer Blood is currently doing for guitarist Thomas Fekete.

"Thom has played guitar in our band for you now, five years, six years I guess," lead singer John Paul Pitts told MTV News. "When I met him, he had just finished recovering from cancer. He got it when he was really young -- like 16 years old. Out of nowhere in December -- he had just gotten married -- we found out that they found a tumor in his abdomen."

Plagued by massive medical bills -- due to new treatments required to fight a rare form of cancer -- the guitarist turned to GoFundMe, on which he has already raised more than $65,000 in the last week. His funding goal is $76,000.

"Thom has this big personality," Pitts said. "I know that we’re not the only ones who are thinking about Thom while he’s going through this. He’s probably really scared and really worried and that probably is inspiring to him. I know it is. I know that he definitely feels love. And you know, it just shows that people can be really generous and really awesome when you need them to be."

Multiple musicians have come out in support of Fekete's campaign this week -- tweeting out support and giving to the cause.

"We’re still on the road," Pitts said of the band's future plans -- while Thom recovers. "We have a record [1000 Palms] coming out in three weeks, which is pretty awkward timing. But yeah, like I said, we’re just hoping Thom pulls through and people keep sending him their love."

You can listen to a new track off of that album today -- and donate to the cause here.