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Eminem Joins Yelawolf In 'Best Friend' Video But It's Not A Celebration

The lone wolves.

Yelawolf only included one feature on his new album Love Story, and naturally that spot was reserved for Eminem, who also appears in the video for "Best Friend."

The new clip, released on Friday, Apr. 24, complements the somber tone of the song, where we hear Yelawolf singing more than rapping. As the video opens, we find the Alabama rapper in a deserted and lonely field before the scene switches to an empty church, where Shady is dealing with his own demons.

Yela told MTV News that this track was the perfect fit for Em.

“The song was already really strong, and I knew that I was touching on something that was serious — or, to me, it was,” he explained.

“The melody in the song, it came together, and I just thought, If Marshall, if he gets on this and understands this concept, that it would be outta here. So I just crossed my fingers and sent it to him. Luckily, he understood it perfectly, and obviously killed it.”