Thank Gaga: Evan Peters Is Checking Into 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

And he'll be waiting for you in 'Room 64.'

Just when we thought our main boo was going to pass on the upcoming season of "American Horror Story," Evan Peters is officially checking into Ryan Murphy's hotel of horrors.

Murphy announced the news on Friday, tweeting that Evans will be waiting for us in "Room 64" when "American Horror Story: Hotel" premieres this fall. Does that mean Evans is a resident of the creepy hotel?

Evans joins a super hot cast that includes Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, Wes Bentley, Sarah Paulson and Chloë Sevigny. Sadly, H.B.I.C. Jessica Lange has checked out of the series for good.


Although nothing has been confirmed by Murphy as of yet, many have speculated that the fifth season of "American Horror Story" will take place in the past -- more specifically, during 1930s Hollywood. This era, otherwise known as the golden age of filmmaking, would be the perfect setting for a Hollywood horror. Plus, it has Lady Gaga's name written all over it.

As for the hotel in question, the Garden of Allah hotel, which was demolished in 1959, is a good bet. Not only was it referenced in "Freak Show," but its location on the Sunset Strip made it the celebrity hotspot of its day.

That being said, we're not so sure the Garden of Allah, which was known for its charming villas, had a Room 64. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, however, which was significantly bigger, most likely did. Not to mention, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, which is still a fixture on Hollywood Blvd. today, has had plenty of alleged hauntings... from famous dead celebrities. Eek! Clearly, this has "AHS" written all over it.

Production of the 13-episode "Hotel" will begin in Los Angeles in late summer, so we still have plenty of time to speculate.