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Ariana Grande Is Hysterical About This Helium App So I Made My Coworkers Try It

Ari can't stop laughing after making her voice sound like a chipmunk.

If you're one of the 30 million, you follow Ariana Grande on Instagram. So perhaps you know that she downloaded an new app that's making her cry tears of hysteria.

And we're laughing right along with her. Ari spent the entire night on the Crazy Heliumbooth app, as demonstrated in the ridiculously hilarious Instagrams below. Every time she giggles, I can't help but giggle too. At one point, she says her stomach hurt from laughing so much.

If you can laugh so hard that it serves as an ab workout, I'm down. I downloaded the app last night to see what it was all about. Turns out, it's really boring when you're doing it by yourself. So, this morning, I wasted all my coworkers' time and now we have nothing to show on MTV.com except for these videos.

  1. I went to Rob first, because everyone knows he likes to laugh and talk about Ariana Grande.

    He kind of looks like Lil Bub, but in a good way.

  2. Kase was eating a cinnamon/chocolate baked good, and I basically had to beg her to talk about Ariana with me, which is representative of my life.

    We are green like the Hulk because she writes about movies.

  3. Keeping it professional, I thought I'd asked the Style ladies about Ari's look.

    The Gremilin filter is the best one. Just a lil' tip.

  4. Alex literally can't stop talking about Star Wars and I can't stop talking about cats, so our Helium experience really worked out.

    But seriously, I would pay to see Ariana in "Star Wars."

  5. Then, finally, I had to top off this test run with a few impressions.

    Andrew sounds good in a chipmunk voice and I wish he always sounded like this.

  6. Nailed it.

My Idol is so yesterday.

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