Could Zayn Malik Be The Next Justin Timberlake? 50 Cent Believes It

Fif sees a lot of potential in the former One Direction singer.

Zayn Malik broke millions of hearts when he left One Direction, but don't worry guys -- he has the potential to be a megastar on his own, according to 50 Cent.

When Fif heard that Zayn was a pretty decent rapper, he admitted that he'd love to work with him and take his career to new heights. "I'd happily sign him up to my label, mentor him and have him working with the biggest rappers on the planet," he said last month.

Now, the G-Unit CEO is taking things a step further by explaining exactly how much star power he thinks the 22-year-old has.

"His vision on his own is always different from what it is in the group," 50 told MTV News' Josh Horowitz at Fizz, Las Vegas, on Thursday, Apr. 23. "Like Justin Timberlake, as Justin Timberlake, away from the group -- it's a lot of potential."

And yes, he knows that putting Zayn's name in the same sentence as Justin's could be a bit controversial.

"That was ballsy of me to say that," he added, laughing. "Now Justin's mad at me. But it is one of those things that you can see something interesting come out of him selecting what he wants."

Better get in there early, Fif.