Brad Hasse

Watch How The Texting Hat Can Improve All Your IRL Interactions

'Bringing eye contact back into the 21st century.'

The phenomenon of people getting together just so they can all stare at their phones has become such a routine part of life that it's not even fertile ground for jokes anymore. But director Brad Hasse breathed some new comedic life into the concept with his video for the Texting Hat, "the latest in multitasking fashionable wear."

With the Texting Hat, you'll never have to worry about offending your guest by keeping your head down while looking at your phone (not that you were worried in the first place). Watch it in action below:

The video is accompanied by a parody website where you can purchase your own personalized texting hat. When you try to place an order, it says that "the demand has been so high that our hat makers are horribly behind schedule." Of course.

But don't worry, the site has instructions for making your own hat -- in case it wasn't abundantly clear in the video.