'Grey's Anatomy' Shattered Our Hearts And Now We Need Therapy

Somebody sedate me.

Warning: "Grey's Anatomy" spoilers lie ahead! So if you haven't watched Thursday night's episode yet, you might want to click away.

It was a beautiful day to save lives for Derek Shepherd, until it was his life at stake on the operating table.

Then, it was a terrible, no good day to die.

Sigh. In a shocking twist (made slightly less shocking by EW's unfortunate leak), our beloved Dr. Derek Shepherd was killed on Thursday’s episode of "Grey’s Anatomy." After saving four victims of a car accident, Derek was the one who ended up on life support after getting hit by a truck. Eleven years as McDreamy and Patrick Dempsey, who survived getting shot BTW, gets taken out by a freakin' truck?!


Well, it wasn't entirely the truck's fault. The doctors at whatever hospital Derek ended up were kinda the worst. It took the on-call neurosurgeon an hour and a half to get to the hospital, which all but sealed Derek's grim fate. (Are all surgeons this incompetent?)

Meredith ultimately decided to take Derek, who was "dead but not really dead," off life support, and the whole thing was heartbreaking. It didn't help that Sleeping at Last's cover of Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" was playing during MerDer's final moments together.

You know, the same song that played when Izzie wouldn't let go of Denny's cold, dead body? Yeah, we're emotionally ruined for life now.

Derek's death isn't just sad because he's McDreamy, it's gut-wrenching for MerDer fans who have been devoted viewers since season one. Even fair weather fans heart Meredith and Derek. One-half of the show's central OTP is gone forever. Sure, Meredith and Derek's marriage underwent some turmoil this season, but they had just figured everything out.

Derek may not have been her sun or her person, but he was the love of her life. The man she married on a Post-it note. The father of her two children. (And don't even get us started on how Zola and Derek Jr. are going to react to their dad's death. SOB.)

It's a good thing Shonda Rhimes makes bank because we're going to need a lot of therapy to get over this one.


On the bright side, Derek's death could potentially lead to a visit from Christina Yang (Sandra Oh), because Meredith is going to need her person right now, right? RIGHT?!