Demis Maryannakis/Splash News

Presenting Ronnie Magro...With A Bowl Cut

See the 'Jersey Shore' star's (very) severe look.

You've seen his remarkable body, it's time to bear witness to his hair metamorphosis.

Ronnie Magro, who's become a tried and true West Coaster in recent months, hasn't experimented much with his hairdos since his days on the "Jersey Shore." But in a throwback photo Magro shared on Instagram yesterday, he proved he's undergone at least one drastic cut in his lifetime.

Take a breath, and...

Need a second? Take a second.

"#CurrentMood #Tbt #IGbetterLetKeepThisOneUp #ImBringingTheBowlBack #MaybeEvenTheTurtleNeck #ThatsWhenIWasInnocentAf," the undisputed Hashtag King captioned the shot, in which he sports a bowl cut that could have earned him entry onto the "Boy Meets World" set as an extra. They simply don't make 'em like this anymore, folks. They simply do not...

(Side note: Think DJ Pauly D's feeling the heat of a fellow former "Shore"-dweller stepping up his hair game? This might just give that famous blowout a run for its mane-money.)

Which do you prefer: crew-cut Ron, or Ron with a bit of bangs? Tell us what you think of his throwback hairstyle!