Liam Payne Raises Over $100K For Charity, Looks Damn Good In Hard Hat

Liam is using his spare time for charity.

Since One Direction has a break in their On The Road Tour until it kicks back up in Europe in June, the guys have been using their spare time in various ways.

For example, Louis Tomlinson has been driving the internet crazy with this Vine of him playing soccer (I have no idea why) and also maybe getting into more controversy.

Harry Styles is sticking fries up his nose. I suppose Niall is just chillin'. And Zayn? Oh yeah, I forgot for a second.

However, Liam Payne is out there supporting the kids. While he was in his hometown, he attended the "topping ceremony" for a Youth Zone in Wolverhampton -- they're calling it The Way. Liam, girlfriend Sophia and his mom and dad all came out for the project, sporting yellow vests and hard hats. It's a good look.

"‘The Way’ will be a purpose-built facility for the city’s young people aged 8–19 (and up to 25 for those with disabilities)," their bio reads.

One Direction has also teamed up with Trekstock, which is raising money to help young people with cancer. If you donate to the cause, you could win a chance to meet the band in London. So far, they've raised over $100,000.