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If Nat Wolff Is The Next 'Spider-Man,' Both You And His Cousin Will Be Very Excited

Will the 'Fault in our Stars' actor become the new Peter Parker?

With Reporting by Josh Horowitz

Earlier in the week, five actors emerged as rumored frontrunners to play the new Spider-Man. The first name to catch our eye? Nat Wolff, your friendly neighborhood co-star of "The Fault in our Stars" and the upcoming "Paper Towns."

Will Wolff beat out the likes of Asa Butterfield ("Hugo") and Timothée Chalamet ("Interstellar") to win the role of Peter Parker? First, he has to acknowledge that he's in the running — and he stopped short of that when we spoke with him at CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week.

"I honestly don't know anything about Spider-Man," he insisted. "I have no idea. I plead the fifth!"

Typically, "pleading the fifth" doesn't mean "I have no idea." Typically, it means, "I have a pretty good idea, but I can't tell you squat." That's the vibe we got from Nat when we asked him about the Marvel superhero; the smile on his face and the way he danced around the question, with all the finesse of the acrobatic arachnid himself, tells us all we need to know right now.

We also know this: Nat Wolff's cousin will be very excited if he becomes the world's new web-slinger. Wolff explained, "My little cousin was the one who told me [about the rumors]. Six hours ago, he texted me, 'Hey man, are you going to be Spider-Man?'"

Whether or not Wolff makes his cousin's dreams come true by becoming the Spider-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he certainly shares his young family member's lifelong superhero interest. He told us about how when he was a kid, he would run around wearing Superman costumes, to the extent that his mother had a back-up Superman suit on hand whenever he needed a costume change.

"I feel like that story, in the next interview, I can fix that story," he laughed. "This was a good warmup for that story in that I didn't totally sell it completely. It'll get better. It'll get better."

It'll get a whole lot better if you win the role, Nat. That's for sure!