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AM Click: A Calm Night In Baltimore, One Step Closer To Marriage Equality And A Powerful Anti-Rape Protest

The Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling on marriage equality in June.

Supreme Court Hears Marriage Equality Case

What if everyone was treated the same way? Equality is a hallmark of the American social fabric and on Tuesday the Supreme Court heard arguments in favor of a constitutional amendment legalizing same-sex marriage. It’s hard to predict how the majority-conservative Court will rule and many supporters of gay marriage worried when Justice Anthony Kennedy asked if an institution that has been limited to one man and one woman for “millennia” should be changed. But marriage equality has already come to 37 states and while many outside the court raised religious objections, according to a recent poll, 47% of religiously affiliated Americans now support same-sex marriage, up nearly 20 percent since the same poll in 2003.

Curfew Restores Calm In Baltimore

It took an overwhelming show of muscle and a strictly enforced 10 p.m. curfew, but the streets of Baltimore were relatively calm Tuesday night, 24 hours after the city erupted in violence, looting and fires set by citizens protesting the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray while in police custody. While President Obama condemned the violence, he also said more policing isn’t the answer to the issues of poverty and unemployment that plague many inner-city communities, including Baltimore’s, where only 42 percent of residents have steady jobs. Someone is already doing their part, as Toya Graham – instantly famous for smacking some sense into her son on camera – explained that she scolded her 16-year-old in public because she didn’t “want him to be a Freddie Gray.”

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Bud Light Label Insensitive?

Really, Bud Light? Beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev promised to stop producing bottles with the latest slogan in its two-year “Up For Whatever” campaign when protests erupted over a label that reads, The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.” At a time of increased attention on the problems of date rape and sexual assault on college campuses, many saw the scroll on the bottle as insensitive and offensive. Meanwhile, on Monday a 22-year-old Texas State University student sat nearly naked with headphones and a blindfold on the steps of the school’s library to raise awareness about sexual assault during Sexual Assault Awareness Month as part of the “Never Asking For It” movement.