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See Daniel Radcliffe As An Awkward Sidekick In This First 'Victor Frankenstein' Photo

From Potter to Igor.

What if Daniel Radcliffe never played Harry Potter? What if he played Ron Weasley instead?

There's not a strand of red hair in sight in this first picture from the set of "Victor Frankenstein," but the sentiment remains: Daniel Radcliffe has gone from leading man to awkward sidekick in director Paul McGuigan's new movie, an adaptation of the Mary Shelley classic. Check him out, courtesy of Empire:

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In the movie, Radcliffe plays Igor, traditionally thought of as the shambling, lumbering, creepy accomplice of the comparably brilliant scientist Doctor Frankenstein. James McAvoy plays the title character, his furrowed brow and goattee combo telling you that he means business. Radcliffe, meanwhile, comes equipped with horrid posture, awkwardly long hair, a boyishly smooth face, an apparent inability or unwillingness to make eye contact, and the outfit Ron Weasley wore to the Yule Ball circa "Goblet of Fire."

Look, there's only so far you can take Daniel Radcliffe when trying to make him look like a wicked little weirdo; he's Daniel Radcliffe, after all. But it sure does look like the Max Landis-penned movie is doing its level best to try.

"Victor Frankenstein" hits theaters on October 2.