Watch Chris Pratt Get Schooled In Dinosaur Trivia By Noah ‘Apparently Kid’ Ritter

Apparently, pterodactyls aren't dinosaurs. Who knew?

Chris Pratt is starring in the highly anticipated blockbuster sequel “Jurassic World” this summer but how much does he actually know about dinosaurs? Apparently, not a whole lot.

During an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” airing Thursday (April 23), Chris tested his paleontologic expertise during a trivia game called “Dino Right or Dino Wrong.” His challenger? None other than Noah Ritter, better known as the “Apparently Kid” from last year’s viral video, and a self-described “dinosaur expert.”

We won’t mince words: Noah absolutely schooled Chris. The precocious 6-year-old also added insult to injury by busting out some hilarious victory dance moves and shouting “in your face!” and “I’m on fire!” as Chris fumed in (fake) irritation. In all fairness, though, who knew pterodactyls aren’t actually dinosaurs but just flying reptiles?! We feel for ya, Chris.

Despite the intense competition, the two dino enthusiasts buddied up backstage. Chris shared this behind-the-scenes video in which Noah interrogates him about the creatures, and Chris teases the movie by insisting it’ll make people go “bonkers.”

"Met this great kid Noah at Ellen yesterday," Chris wrote on his Facebook page. "Apparently... He knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs."