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Meet Lady Gaga's New Pup -- And Her Brood Of Chickens?

Gaga is basically the farmer in the dell now.

Lady Gaga has a new puppy, which is like, aw, cute, adorable, whatever. But look at these chickens, people.

Mother Monster announced to her fans on Wednesday night that she and fiancé Taylor Kinney are raising chickens in a coop. (Her next meat dress will be constructed from chicken wings.)

No, really, Gaga is being super sustainable and giving these chickens a nice home. They'll, in turn, give her fresh eggs all summer. Sounds like a nice trade-off to me. Gaga is embracing the domestic life.

"Time to lay eggs in the Kinney's Coop!" she wrote on Instagram. "Fresh eggs all summer we built a beautiful spacious coop to house these happy young chickens!"

Oh yeah, and the puppy. Right. I almost forgot. The little one's name is Koji, and he's actually Asia, a.k.a. Batpig's, little brother.

"Asia's brother, Koji. His name means 'little one' because he is so small!" LG wrote. "Miss Asia has an important photoshoot today and Koji san is missing his sister to play!"

But, like, what kind of dog has a photoshoot?

Also, same: