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Quiz: Which Rihanna Are You?

Are you more 'Pon De Replay' or 'Rude Boy' Rihanna?

As we all know by now, Rihanna is not just a regular celebrity, she's an *ICON*.

We're living in the age of Rihanna and lemme tell you, we're all better people for it. From awkwardly shuffling to "Pon De Replay" at school dances to aggressively shouting along to "B---- Better Have My Money" whenever you can, Rihanna has been there for us through it all. And just like any other celebrity that boasts a long, successful career, Rihanna has evolved over the years.

From "Good Girl Gone Bad" Rih to "FourFiveSeconds" RiRi, it's time to find out which Rihanna you identify with.

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