Alyxx Dione Is Making Jason Derulo ‘Work For It’ In Her ‘Chingalinga’ Video: Go Behind The Scenes

Jason's protégé is setting the rules.

You may not be too familiar with Alyxx Dione yet, but trust us, you should be.

The up-and-coming singer just released her first single "Chingalinga," which features Jason Derulo, who just so happens to be her boss, since she is the first artist signed to his Future History label.

The up-tempo, girl-power track instructs a guy to "work, work, work like you own it" if they want her love.

"What 'Chingalinga' is basically saying is that I have the keys to my kingdom, which is my love, and if you want my love, you have to work for it because I'm worth it," Alyxx told us on the set of her video. "I'm telling Jason in the song if you want to get into this kingdom, you have to work for it."

And she's definitely putting him to work in the video. Jason will show off a "little dancing," but she's doing much of the heavy lifting in the Egyptian-themed clip.

"We are doing a lot of Egyptian-inspired things," she said. "My favorite color is gold, so I was like, 'We have to do this big in all gold.'"

Oh, and make sure you stick around for the end of the video, which drops Tuesday, because Alyxx played coy about the video's plot. "I can't give everything away."