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Jennifer Lawrence Is Back For 'Joy,' And It's Way Darker Than You'd Expect

It's way, way darker than you might have thought...

On Thursday morning (April 23), a packed house at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas was given an extra-special treat as part of 20th Century Fox's CinemaCon presentation -- brand new footage from the upcoming Jennifer Lawrence movie "Joy." And while the montage of images from the biopic didn't include any dialogue, we did get a good sense of what we'll be seeing once the movie comes out on Christmas Day.

JLaw plays Joy Mangano, the famed inventor of the "Miracle Mop" in the film, and from the looks of things this will be a far more somber and dramatic journey than we were expecting -- certainly much darker the one she took during her last outing with David O. Russell, "American Hustle." The preview was set to very moody music, and showed Mangano struggling to raise her kids as a single mom, furiously sketching out images of the Mop, appearing on a QVC-esque infomercial, and at one point holding a gun.

We also saw glimpses of JLaw's frequent collaborator Bradley Cooper, who plays an executive from the Home Shopping Network. Robert De Niro was in it as well playing Mangano's father, with Édgar Ramírez rounding up the gang as Mangano's ex-husband. All in all, what we saw at CinemaCon today was plenty enough to get both press and theater owners alike ready to line up to see this film.