12 Movie Prom Themes That Seem Great But Are Actually Terrible

You won't be King of the World, because, know the ending.

It's prom season, and you're likely fretting over what dress to wear and what shoes will make you look the coolest. To limo, or not to limo, that is the question? But here's the real question: what's the theme?

Whether you're going stag, with a group or a date, your prom is sure to have a theme. Some of the most popular prom themes come from Hollywood -- how many romantic, sweeping, Shakespearean decorations have we seen in movies and in life?

Well, we here at MTV News are here to caution you against the red promming, the little-known cousin of the red herring. It's a prom theme that seems really romantic, but when you look a little deeper, well -- let's just say it won't have you dancing the night away.

Here are 12 movie prom themes you should probably dance clear of.

  1. "Titanic"

    "My Heart Will Go On" is such a nice song. Great for slow dances. But you know why her heart had to go on, guys? Because HE DIED. And so did all those other people. Go on, heart. Go on.

  2. "Romeo and Juliet"

    Shakespeare! So romantic! Look again: this is about some tweens with an ill-considered suicide pact. Suh-woon.

  3. "Shakespeare in Love"

    They don't end up togetherrrrr it's so saddddddd.

  4. "Midnight In Paris"

    Really cool looking movie, really boozy and strange. You really think Owen Wilson has a happy ending? Really?

  5. "The Great Gatsby"


  6. "Cinderella"

    How many toes did you cut off to fit in those awesome prom shoes? Yeah, that's what I thought.

  7. "Casino Royale"

    Cards are fun! So are tuxes! Womanizing isn't. Sorry, James!

  8. "Dirty Dancing"

    I don't care how much you want "The Time Of Our Lives" to be your tagline. Caveat: if you go full-out Catskills chic, your prom will be awesome no matter what.

  9. "Alice in Wonderland"

    Hate to break it to you, but she finds more potions than love in this one.

  10. "The Phantom of the Opera"

    Yes, "Music of the Night" is really nice, and the Phantom does really love Christine, buuuuuut he also threatens to kill her, her fiance, bunch of other people, etc. to try and keep her. Um, romance?

  11. "Moulin Rouge"
    20th Century Fox

    Fantastic crinoline possibilities here, but tuberculosis is un-sexy, to say the least.

  12. "Chicago"

    Show me your best jazz hands. Good! Now show me your best women's prison for accused murderers. No? OK.