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Ed Sheeran Likes His Pizza Covered In Ketchup -- Plus 7 More Things We Just Learned

Also, he should probably go to the dentist.

When normal people are jetlagged, they binge-watch bad TV and whatnot. When Ed Sheeran is jetlagged -- well, he has an all-out, impromptu Twitter Q&A with fans.

Apple or Android? The state of his dental health? What he likes on his 'za? The man we all love to sleep to revealed all. Check out some of the highlights:

  1. We'll Be Getting New/Old Tunes Soon

    Ed has a TON of music from his unsigned days that he's been planning to release for a while now. He's toyed with creating his own label for a while now, but recently launched Gingerbread -- so perhaps we'll be getting new-old tunes via those channels. I'm blocking out the month of May for Ed either way.

  2. He's An iPhone Guy

    Those two roommates who basically came to blows when faced with this same question should take a page from Ed's book (he actually has a book -- look).

  3. He Gives Excellent Advice

    Can you be my life coach, dude? I promise it's not just because I wanna steal Graham...

  4. His Favorite Pizza Topping Sounds Amazing

    I mean, also gross -- but I like all of those things separately so I'm willing to give it a go.

  5. He Still Has His Wisdom Teeth

    I would SO be down for "Ed After The Dentist," though...

  6. He Has Some Firm Thoughts On Booty

    Um, despite TELLING us he was learning to booty clap, Ed apparently doesn't have the ability to make his a$ applaud. And neither should you.

  7. He Worships Dad -- I Mean, Really


  8. He'll Be All Alone In His 'Photograph' Video

    Now does he mean him -- or that puppet?