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Beau Mirchoff's Going Gothic For His Next Role

The 'Awkward' actor will star in 'Tell-Tale Lies,' a remake of the classic 'Tell-Tale Heart.'

Breaking hearts might prove to be the least of Hollywood charmer Beau Mirchoff's worries -- it sounds like soon, he'll be stopping them.

The "Awkward" star, who plays golden boy Matty McKibben on the MTV comedy, is slated to star in a remake of Edgar Allan Poe's classic goth story "The Tell-Tale Heart," according to Deadline, and Beau's character is in for a scandal that would make a tryst in Palos Hills' Sanctuary look like child's play.

"Tell-Tale Lies," which also stars Alexa Vega, will track four friends who find themselves in the unfathomable position of being connected to an accidental murder. And when a fifth student discovers the group's involvement in the scandal, Beau & Co. will panic and begin to plot her murder to cover their tracks. Man, that's some eerie stuff -- couldn't they at least give a round of peer mediation a shot...?

Excited to see Beau in a darker role? Tell us what you think of the casting, and hang tight for the season premiere of "Awkward" on Monday, August 31 at 9/8c!