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This 14-Year-Old Girl Was Abducted By Police And Sent To Another Country

Alondra Luna Nuñez is back with her family in Mexico after being forcibly deported to the U.S.

The police storm into your school, grab you, drag you out kicking and screaming into a waiting SUV and drive you across the border into the U.S. to be reunited with your "real" mom. Only she's not your real mom. And you have no idea why they're doing this to you.

That's what happened to Alondra Luna Nuñez last Friday in Guanajuato, Mexico, when the horrified, confused 14-year-old was forcibly removed from her classroom, bundled into a car and reunited with a woman who claimed to be her mother in Houston, Texas. The action came 9 years after Dorotea Garcia claimed that the girl's biological dad had illegally taken the girl to Mexico without the mother's consent.

When Garcia traveled to Guanajuato recently she spotted Alondra and alerted the judge in the 2007 custody case, who then ordered the girl to appear in Texas at a hearing to confirm her identity. Here's the thing: officials didn't check her DNA before they essentially kidnapped Nuñez in broad daylight.

The video of her abduction is shocking. (Warning: footage is disturbing.)

Which is why on Wednesday, according to CNN, Nuñez was back home after DNA tests showed she was not related to the woman who made the claim.

"They stole my daughter," mother Susana Nuñez said Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. "I didn't know this woman existed." While in Houston, Alondra recorded a video that was posted online in which she looked calm and told her parents not to worry about her. "I'm fine. I see that the United States is nice," she said. "I don't understand anything they're saying, because everything is in English."

At a family barbecue in Guanajuato on Wednesday celebrating Alondra's return, the high schooler said she was glad the ordeal was over. "At first I was very upset because I had never been so far away from my parents," she said, adding that she had faith the mistake would be found out quickly. "So after a while I calmed down a bit."