Jacquie Lee's Got Vocals And Feels For Days: Here's Why You Should Listen

MTV's Artist to Watch is brimming over with emotion, and she'll bring out yours too.

Jacquie Lee is MTV's Artist to Watch, but chances are you've already watched her. As runner-up on season five of "The Voice," the vocal slay machine from New Jersey won us over every single week on the TV singing competition.

While she's already captured our attention -- and the attention of Atlantic, who gave her a record deal after the show -- she's reaching people in a different way now: through her real, raw music.


Who She Is

At 16, Jacquie got the coaches on "The Voice" to spin their seats when she busted out Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black" during the blind auditions. She chose Christina Aguilera as her coach, and after blasting through round after round, she made it to the finals, finishing in second place after Tessanne Chin.

After signing to Atlantic's 300 Entertainment, she released her Broken Ones EP on October 21, 2014. Now, at 17, Jacquie is working on her debut album -- in between touring with fellow Artist to Watch Shawn Mendes and being a normal teenage girl.

Jacquie's also great at Instagram, just sayin'.

What You Should Listen To

If you haven't already listened to Broken Ones, you need to catch up. From her powerful, inspirational title track to the Cyndi Lauper cover at the end, not only does she deliver in the vocal department, but each song means something more.

“Music has the power to move people and do things, but in order for that to happen, it needs to be honest,” Jacquie told us back in October. “Otherwise, you’re going to be fake, and people can detect that.”

In "Tears Fall," she sings that "pain is just a part of life." That theme is something you'll hear a lot in her music -- she fully embraces her emotions and comes out clean, accepting everything that comes her way while getting stronger. The video for "Tears Fall," which debuted last week, shows her quickly overcoming misery and having fun with it. (She drinks man tears out of a cup, so there's that.)

What's Next

Jacquie is currently touring with Shawn Mendes before she takes time to finish her debut album. She told us that she's going to "work on the craft" during the month of May, which means she'll be yanking stuff from her heart and weaving it into song.

“I want my fans to get comfort out of my music ‘cause when I listen to music, it usually speaks for me when I have so much to say, but nothing comes out,” she said. “I want my music to be that for them.”