Watch These Cute Babies React To The 'Star Wars' Trailer

Not even babies are immune to the Force.

Finally watching the "Star Wars: Episode VII" trailer was nothing short of thrilling. I mean, it awakened all the feels, and the experience was really all we'd hoped it would be. Still, if there's something the trailer just didn't have enough of, it was definitely babies.

Yes, babies. Because babies make everything cuter-- even "Star Wars."

"America’s Funniest Home Videos" has put together a video called "Babies React to ‘Star Wars: Episode VII,'” and it's pretty adorable.

The range of emotions is astounding. Observe.

There's sheer joy.


There's total shock.


There's fear.


And total awe mixed with 'awwww.'


Guess "Star Wars" awakens all of these babies' feels, too. Watch all the reactions below.