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Lena Dunham Celebrated Her Three-Year-Anniversary With Jack Antonoff In The Cutest Way

#RelationshipGoals all over the place.

It’s a major relief to know Lena Dunham’s life doesn’t completely mirror her “Girls” character, Hannah Horvath. Whereas Hannah’s been weathering a tumultuous relationship and putting up with Adam’s s--t for the past few years, Lena and her rocker beau Jack Antonoff are smooth sailing on the river of love.

The “Girls” star and Bleachers frontman celebrated their three-year anniversary today (April 22), and Lena commemorated the occasion with a pair of Instagrams that will give you #RelationshipGoals for days.

The first pic shows Lena, 28, and Jack, 31, chillin’ in bed, accompanied by the caption, “In 30 minutes it will be 3 whole years since this straight up CREATURE creeped into my life. I feel lucky every day. Even now, as he noisily dubsmashes while I try and sleep. Thank you Jack x.”

The second snap is a hilariously edited pic portraying the happy couple as doting parents to their pup, Lamby. Again, Lena brings out all the feels with her sweet caption: “This is also the moment I tell you all not to settle for people who live in creepy vans by choice and judge you for wanting a bathroom and tell you how much they hate your pants. We are all worthy of such monstrous amounts of love. Thanks for imprinting that on me, Oprah.”

The couple sparked engagement rumors earlier this year after Lena was spotted wearing a ring on “that finger.” However, she quickly shot down speculation by clarifying the bling was actually a friendship ring. She further explained to MTV News in January that she and Jack are planning on waiting until gay marriage is legalized before tying the knot themselves.

“My boyfriend and I have always said we were going to wait until gay marriage was legal to get married, so literally the minute the headline came up I was like, ’If it happens in April, put a ring on it! It’s time!'” Dunham told us. “I’m basically just using it as an excuse to get proposed to.”

In the meantime, we’ll sit back and keep fawning over their adorableness.