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13 Warning Signs You've Been Single Too Long

It can be great ... for awhile. But now it's just getting ugly.

Being single lets you soak in your freedom, hang out with your friends and get to know the kind of person you really are. And that person may be someone who eats lots of mac 'n' cheese and wears nothing but stained sweatpants.

There's nothing wrong with being single, per se -- some people prefer it and kill it -- but here are signs that you may want to consider meeting a real human person.

  1. You use the other half of your bed for storage space.
  2. You have strong opinions about brands of frozen dinners.
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  3. You've started considering becoming a vest guy.
  4. One movie ticket for you, one ticket for your cat.
  5. You clear your web history so YOU don't see it.
  6. You can't remember the last time you actually went to a restaurant that serves kale.
  7. Your "good" underwear is the one with the fewest holes.
  8. Your last date was a Justin Timberlake concert...

    ...when he was still in *NSync.

  9. You've stopped being able to recognize your own smells.
  10. You just bought a ferret for your apartment.
  11. The last three arguments you've had were with yourself, out loud.
  12. You get way too excited about watching lacrosse.
  13. Your "date night" is eating pizza and listening to your neighbors do it.