Dinah Jane Hansen

Fifth Harmony's Dinah Jane Stabbed Her Prom Date In The Chest... With A Boutonniere

I mean, who really knows how to pin those things?

While the ladies of Fifth Harmony helped one lucky fan orchestrate a truly epic promposal Tuesday (April 21), it was the group's youngest member Dinah Jane who experienced her own prom earlier that same week.

The high school senior attended the dance at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas with her "special friend" Nela, who popped the prom question during a surprise one-on-one date.

Dinah Jane Hansen

"I assumed that we were going with a group of friends ... then I walked outside, and I see a limo, and he opens the door, and I [realized] it was just going to be the two of us going to dinner," Dinah Jane told MTV News. "I was like 'oh, OK!'"

After the meal wrapped, Nela had one more trick up his sleeve: a red velvet cake with a very special message for the "Worth It" singer.

Dinah Jane Hansen

"I just started tearing up because no one has ever done anything that nice for me before," she confessed. "I was never able to attend any high school functions so this was my first one and how he approached me about it, asking me to prom, was the sweetest thing, and I killed the cake, so yeah, it was my favorite cake ever I just couldn’t help it."

Dinah Jane Hansen

As for the big night, the former "X Factor" contestant didn't have to hit the mall to find the perfect dress. Instead, the fivesome's stylist Bobby did all the dirty work, hooking Dinah up with a floor-length ensemble by Madeline Gardner.

"I was just, like, stressing out about it I was, like, 'What do I do? What do I wear? I don’t have anything to wear,' and he just said, 'I probably have something,'" she explained. "It was such a beautiful dress and right when I tried it on, my mom and all my friends, like the [5H] girls, they were like, 'Dinah, that is the one. You have to wear that one.'"

While she didn't get to see any of her bandmates the night of her prom, a couple of them dropped Dinah a note to let her know they were thinking about her.

"It was really, really cute though because, the morning, I was getting ready and I get a call from Mani and a text message from Camilla," she said. "I was just like, 'I miss you, guys,' it was super, super cute."

Dinah Jane Hansen

And while hearing from the ladies was definitely a memorable part of the night, the most hysterical moment came when attempting to pin her date's boutonniere.

"The flower thing? Yes! OMG, that is the funny part because I didn’t know how to put it on, like, the pins they were kind of tricky for me," Dinah admitted. "So, of course I stabbed the guy on his chest on accident because I didn’t know how to put it on. I felt really, really bad so I had someone else pin it on his chest and acted like I put it on him, it was so funny."