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Zac Efron And Max Joseph Made A DJ Movie, And We've Seen The First Fist-Pumping Footage

Cue the beats.

"Ninety-nine percent of people are looking for a party," the voice-over in the trailer for "We Are Your Friends" tells us straight off the bat. "One percent of people are the party."

If the rest of the neon-clad, fist-pumping, very Los Angeles footage is indicative of the rest of the movie -- the directorial debut of Max Joseph from "Catfish" -- then Zac Efron's DJ movie is going to be 100 percent the party you'll want to attend once the film finally nabs a release date. MTV News got a chance to check out the trailer early at a Warner Bros. CinemaCon event on Tuesday (April 21), and while we can't reveal much, we can say that the music is awesome, and that it looks like Efron's struggling DJ character, Cole, will maybe-sorta-definitely get into some lady drama. Shirtless lady drama.

Basically, Cole wants to leave the San Fernando Valley and get fists (and hearts) pumping in places like New York and Las Vegas, but his one chance to do that, Wes Bentley's "DJ James," makes life difficult for him when Cole falls in love with his assistant, Sophie ("Gone Girl" star Emily Ratajkowski). Sex, drugs, and rock and roll -- or, um, EDM -- all play a heavy role in Joseph's big screen debut, so safe to say you should keep your eyes and ears open for more news on this one, folks.