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Lady Gaga's Full Face Tattoos Prove Your Gym Look Is Boring Garbage


When you're about to work out, chances are you opt for a minimal or totally bare beauty look because, hi, turning into a total sweatfest in a face full of makeup isn't fun (or good for your skin). Just yesterday, though, Lady Gaga proved you can bust out some seriously dramatic looks EVEN when you're about to exercise–with full-on face tattoos. YUP.

As she took part in a SoulCycle ride for The Born This Way foundation, she shared a pic of her wearing Dia de los Muertos-inspired temporary tats on her eyes, cheeks, chin and forehead. Considering these bad boys are waterproof (see: sweatproof) this is kind of brilliant, no?

In another shot, we get a full view of her beauty look, which features some serious art on her forehead. We've never seen a wink look this badass.

We don't know if Gaga is taking inspo from her "Born This Way" muse Zombie Boy, but we have to admit that going full-on goth at SoulCycle is definitely the best thing we've seen this week. We are forever grateful for you, Gaga. *bows down*